With TRAX LRS, you can manage data visibility with the concept of "entity".

An entity may be a school, a department, a business unit, etc. It's an organization or a part of an organization which owns xAPI data.

You can assign an entity both to users and clients with the following consequences:

  • Users and clients belonging to an entity can only access data of this entity.
  • Users and clients which don't belong to an entity can access data of all the entities.

Using entities

To create an entity, go to the Accounts > Entities page and create one by giving it a name. As soon as you created one or more entities, you can edit a user or a client and assign it an entity.

On the Data > Statements page, you can select an entity in order to filter the statements.

On the Data > Management page, you can select an entity in order to target the statements to remove.