LRS monitoring

  • Requests logs, including errors details
  • Time-based statistics
  • Logs auto-removal

Deep exploration

  • Activities
  • Agents/Groups
  • Verbs
  • Activity types
  • Profiles
  • Relations


  • Learners access
  • Personal endpoint
  • Data removal request
  • Password init, change and reset
  • My account removal

CMI5 ready

  • Token delivery system
  • Secured endpoint for CMI5 contents
  • LMS callback

Developers friendly

More documentation including:

  • Rebuilding the user interface
  • Listening to LRS events
  • Using TRAX LRS as a Laravel package

Data lifecycles

  • Dataset isolation
  • Dataset transformation

Data import & export

  • Push statements to an LRS
  • Pull statements from an LRS
  • Export statements as a file

Improved performances

So many strategies to explore in order to improve performances again and again.