Independent Stores


TRAX LRS provides a convenient way to split you xAPI data into multiple stores. As each store is completely independent, you can easily:

  • Manage dedicated users, roles, entities and clients
  • Delete the entire xAPI dataset of a given store, including statements, states, profiles, activities and agents

Use Cases

Consider using independent stores for the following use cases:

  • Temporary stores for testing purpose
  • Multiple independent projects on a single LRS instance
  • Multiple independent organizations on a single LRS instance


Be aware that independent stores use the same database instance. So you should evaluate your needs regarding the volume of data and think about scalability before deciding to use independent stores.

Managing stores

You must log into TRAX LRS using an admin account in order to access this feature. As soon as you are logged, you see the list of the existing stores and you can:

  • Enter into a given store
  • Modify an existing store
  • Delete an existing store
  • Create a new store

Impact on permissions

Users and clients which are created in a store have only access to this store.

Admin accounts which are created with the command line have access to all the stores.