First Steps


  • You installed TRAX LRS and created an admin account, as explained in the installation page.

  • You decided what is the best xAPI configuration profile for your LRS, as explained in the configuration page.

First steps

  1. Open TRAX LRS in a browser.
  2. Enter the admin credentials.
  3. Create your first store and enter in this store.
  4. In the side menu, go to Accounts > Clients and create a client with an authorization scope (all recommended).
  5. Click on the link 0 access of this client.
  6. Create an access for this client.
  7. Click on the info button (i) of this access.
  8. Now you get all the settings for your xAPI client.
  9. Configure your client and use it.
  10. Explore the statements in TRAX LRS Data > Statements.