TRAX LRS monitoring features relie on an internal logging system which is disabled by default. In order to use the monitoring features, you must first enable enabled the logging system in the .env file.


When enabled, the system logs all the requests on the standard APIs, except the about API. Requests on the extended API are not logged.

Logs exploration

You can explore the internal logs from the Monitoring > Logs page. Several filters are available and documented in the software interface. Requests leading to an error are marked in red and can be explored in detail:

  • Called API & method
  • Params of the request (when not empty)
  • Headers of the request
  • Content of the request (when not empty)
  • Errors details (when available)

Clearing logs

From the user interface

You can clear the internal logs from the Settings > Delete Data page.

From the console

php artisan logs:clear
Option Example of value Description
--owner 1 Internal ID of the LRS store
--before 0 Clear logs older than N days (0 will remove all the logs)